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About Superior Caregivers

Our talented and well-trained professionals and clinicians believe in a person-centered and holistic approach to supporting and serving people. We have 50+ combined years of experience in the human services field and currently offer services in Tennessee and Colorado. Our goal is to provide quality services such that people experience superior person-centered outcomes and live the lives they envision


The people we support have the most superior person-centered outcomes and live the lives they envision.


To provide person-centered, individualized services to people in need who are of all ages and levels of ability.

Person Centered Care:

What does it mean?

Superior Caregivers believes in Person Centered Practice which acknowledges that people supported will have better quality lives by means of active social roles, community connections, enhanced planning and significant influence with independent decision-making.  We provide person centered individualized services; we consider people’s desires, values, family situations, social circumstances and lifestyles and partner with them to create lives they envision themselves. 


We support people to exercise their rights in a person-centered way that protects against abuse, neglect and exploitation. 

Professionalism. We implement best practices to meet the needs of people we support. 

Team work and collaboration. We promote a positive work environment and value one another in all interactions. 

Honesty.  We are factual, fair and sincere in our conduct. We will practice transparent, direct communication with everyone we encounter. 

Integrity. We adhere to ethical principles and fulfill contractual obligations while being good stewards of our resources.

Respect. We are concerned about the people we support and consider them deserving of superior services. 

Privacy. We refrain from subjecting the people we support to unnecessary and unauthorized observation.

Dignity and Risk. We commit to fostering a culture of supporting, respecting, and valuing the dignity and worth of the people in services by honoring them and treating them as the people they are. We afford them the right to take reasonable risks through education while maintaining support which leads to personal growth and quality of life.   We believe the people we support are worthy of honor and treat them well by identifying and removing potential risks that may interfere with their quality of life

Support person centered decision making.  We help people make their own decisions about how they want to live by offering them choices, encouraging diversity and implementing plans that reflect the person’s likes, dislikes, personal history and beliefs.

Protection against abuse, neglect and exploitation. We commit to protecting the people we support and prevent others from causing harm. 

Commitment to compliance and quality assurance. We fulfill regulatory requirements and evaluate our success based on personal outcomes.

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