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We provide interdisciplinary clinical consultation for adults and juveniles in services with Superior Caregivers, as well as outpatient behavior and mental health services. 


Our team consists of a group of skilled professionals who are available to provide an array of services to individuals with diverse needs throughout their lifespan. 


Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Services: Research-based approach based on proven theories of learning and behavior. Assessment, consultation, training, treatment plan development, and direct therapy services available.


Mental Health Services: Psychotherapy, psychological assessment and evaluation.


Customized Training: Customized Behavior and Mental Health training for individuals/families, direct support professionals, and private/public agencies available upon request.

We provide support wherever you need it most! Whether that is at home, at one of our clinic locations, in school, at work, or in any other meaningful community-based environment. Contact us today to learn more about behavior and mental health services available in your area!

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